Your VIP Tour

What does your tour include?

We have always known that the best kind of vacations are those that you don't have to worry about planning or preparation. You always have the most fun when someone takes care of the worries and stress for you. That is what we take care of. Our resources and planning skills will make your vacation stress and worry-free!

It all begins with a phone call!

After you have sent us your inquiry, one of our tour planning experts will call you. We want to know as much about your family or group as you feel comfortable telling us. We want to know what your plans are. Where do you want to go? What is your "thrill" comfort level? What are your dining preferences? What do you enjoy? What do you dislike? We'll take all of this information into account when we plan your tour.

We want your approval!

We will lay out a vacation itinerary that is magical and exciting. We will plan your visit so that crowds are at their smallest, during the day and during the week. We will make our recommendations for activities and dining options. Once you have approved your itinerary, we will make all of your reservations and arrangements.

Do you need transportation and lodging arrangements?

From the moment you arrive in Orlando or Anaheim, we can arrange all of your transportation needs and lodging arrangements. If you feel comfortable making these arrangements on your own, we completely understand. We can make recommendations if you would like them.

Meet your guide!

The moment you have been waiting for! Your Tour Guide will meet you at your hotel on the morning of your first day of touring. Your guide will take you to your destination, making sure that all of your waits are minimized, and guide you through all of the top attractions. They will have a "mental" plan of what would make the most magic for your group, but also are flexible enough to change things on a moment's notice.

Our Experience = Your Benefit!

Your Guide will make sure your know where to be when it is best for you. Their experience will make sure that while you wait for an attraction, your wait is minimal. They will also make sure you get the best seats for the shows, parades, and fireworks. You know that it pays to have a friend who knows how to get you the best of everything!

Take a Break!

We know that your vacation is about rest and relaxation as much as it is about magic and fun. We typically recommend a split day itinerary for most of the theme parks. We begin at park opening, leave shortly after lunch and return to your hotel. Your group will have time to enjoy the pool and rest. We return to the parks just before dinner to enjoy all of the evening entertainment the parks offer. You are not charged for your guides time during the afternoon break unless they are assisting you.